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New Jersey Defense Lawyers for Terroristic Threats & Harassment Charges

Reputable NJ Defense Lawyers Represent Clients Accused of Terroristic Threats & Harassment in Gloucester County, Camden County, and Burlington County

In the world of New Jersey criminal law, words and interpretations do matter.  Under certain circumstances, you can be convicted of a crime even if you never cause anyone physical harm or take any action at all.  The mere threat of action may be sufficient to support criminal charges.  In cases involving terroristic threats and harassment charges, the results can turn on a single statement.  You need the best possible lawyer by your side to present your case persuasively and in the most favorable light possible.

The legal team at Hercules Law Group, LLC is highly qualified to handle your case.  A detail-oriented, experienced terroristic threats and harassment charge defense lawyer will thoroughly review the facts to identify any available defenses.  After all, terroristic threats and harassment cases are particularly fact-sensitive. 

The firm is careful to make sure that clients never feel rushed.  Your side of the story matters when facing terroristic threats and harassment charges.  An experienced lawyer will personally handle your case and take the time to get the complete picture.

If you are facing terroristic threats or harassment charges in New Jersey, call the experienced defense team at Hercules Law Group, LLC.  Your first consultation with a lawyer is always free.

Proving NJ Terroristic Threats Charges

Terroristic threats charges can be based upon two basic sets of circumstances.  The prosecution may charge you with terroristic threats if one of the following are true:

  • You threatened to commit a violent crime with the intention of either (1) terrorizing someone else or (2) causing the evacuation of a place of assembly, buildings and public transportation locations
  • You threatened to kill someone with the intention of causing the other person to reasonably believe that their life was in imminent danger

Usually, terroristic threats charges are third-degree felony offenses punishable by between three and five years in prison.  If the threats take place during a national, state or county emergency, however, the charges are elevated to second-degree felony charges and you will face between five and ten years in prison.

Elements Required to Convict on NJ Harassment Charges

Harassment is usually a petty disorderly persons offense (misdemeanor).  Harassment charges can be elevated to a fourth-degree crime if you were on parole or probation (for an indictable offense) when the alleged harassment took place.  The prosecution may attempt to convict on harassment charges if they can establish any of the following:

  • You made, or caused to be made, communication or communications (1) anonymously or at extremely inconvenient hours, (2) in offensively coarse language or (3) in any other manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm
  • You subjected someone else to striking, kicking, shoving or offensive touching, or threatened to do so
  • You engaged in some type of alarming conduct or repeatedly committed acts with the purpose of alarming or seriously annoying someone else

If charged as a petty disorderly persons offense, harassment can be punished by:

  • 30 days in county jail
  • Up to $500 in fines
  • Imposition of a temporary restraining order if the harassment is found to be a form of domestic violence

Fourth-degree charges, on the other hand, can result in up to 18 months in prison and a maximum $10,000 fine.  In either case, the conviction will become a part of your permanent criminal record.  A harassment conviction, even if only at the misdemeanor level, is a red flag for potential landlords and employers.

A strong defense is your best chance at beating the charges—and you need an experienced lawyer who knows the courts, the process and the prosecutors in your corner.  Obviously, the statutory language itself leaves much room for interpretation.  Virtually any action that you take could be construed as harassment under the wrong circumstances.  A skilled lawyer at Hercules Law Group, LLC will look to the big picture to identify any potential defenses that could work in your favor. 

Skilled NJ Defense Lawyers Fight Back Against Prosecutors Who “Overcharge” on Terroristic Threats & Harassment Charges

In many cases, terroristic threats and harassment charges go hand in hand.  Perhaps the level of animosity between two people has gone so far that one may have threatened violence.  Prosecutors often “stack” criminal charges so that they have additional negotiating power—in other words, so that they can get you to admit guilt to one charge if they drop the other.

At Hercules Law Group, LLC, the skilled criminal defense lawyers are familiar with these tactics and know-how to fight back.  The firm never pushes clients to accept a plea or admit guilt.  When you choose Hercules Law Group, LLC, you can expect that a qualified defense lawyer will walk you through every available option and fight to get a result that protects your best interests.

Arrested on Terroristic Threats or Harassment Charges?  Meet with a Qualified Defense Lawyer Today

Hercules Law Group, LLC represents clients facing terroristic threats and harassment charges across New Jersey.  The firm offers a free initial consultation so that an experienced lawyer can answer your questions and discuss defense options specific to your case.  Call or use the online contact form 24/7 to schedule your free consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Terroristic Threats & Harassment Charges in New Jersey

FAQ: How is it possible to get harassment charges downgraded if they are already being prosecuted as a petty disorderly persons offense?

In some cases, it may be possible to have the harassment charges downgraded even further, so that they are treated as a municipal ordinance violation. Municipal ordinance violations are technically not criminal offenses. Therefore, even if convicted, you will not have a criminal record and could only be required to pay a fairly small fine.

FAQ: Can the state prosecute me on harassment or terroristic threats charges if the alleged victim will not testify?

Yes. In many cases where harassment or terroristic threats charges are tied to domestic violence or even disagreements between friends, the victim might refuse to cooperate. The prosecutor can continue the case even without that testimony. In some cases, the prosecution’s case might be weakened enough so that an experienced lawyer can negotiate to have the charges dropped. However, the prosecutor does not strictly need the victim’s testimony to convict if the otherwise available evidence is sufficiently strong.