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New Jersey Juvenile Crimes Defense Lawyers

Top-Rated Defense Lawyers Advocate for Minors Arrested for Juvenile Crimes in Gloucester County, Camden County, and Burlington County, NJ

Most people make mistakes in their youth that they would prefer to leave in the past.  When a minor commits a crime, that criminal history can haunt them throughout their entire childhood—and in some cases, follow them into their adult lives.  That’s why New Jersey’s juvenile criminal justice system focuses on rehabilitation and education, rather than simply upon punishment. 

The juvenile criminal justice system is also different because your child is legally required to have a lawyer advocating on his or her behalf.  The dedicated team of juvenile defense lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC have over 20 years’ experience fighting to put your child’s mistakes in the past.  When facing juvenile charges, you have to be prepared for every contingency—even the possibility that the prosecution will move to charge the juvenile as an adult.

Because the courts have so much discretion in choosing how to handle juvenile cases, it is critical to have the best lawyer possible in your corner.  A strong legal defense can make a significant difference in the level of punishment your child might face for a juvenile crime.

At Hercules Law Group, LLC you can expect compassion, support and even your lawyer’s personal cell phone number in case you have any questions along the way.  Contact the firm today for your free consultation.

Experienced Juvenile Defense Lawyers Handle a Wide Range of Juvenile Crimes

A “juvenile crime” is simply any criminal offense committed by someone who has not yet turned age 18.  If your child has been taken into custody on juvenile charges, a hearing will be scheduled the following morning (at the latest) to determine whether continued detention is appropriate.  New Jersey courts are strict about allowing juveniles to remain in detention unnecessarily and an experienced lawyer can fight to have your child released as soon as possible.

As soon as you learn that the police are questioning your child on suspicion that he or she has committed a crime, contact the experienced lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC.  The firm handles all types of juvenile criminal cases, including those alleging:

Most juvenile cases are heard in Family Court.  Unlike in adult cases, juveniles do not have the right to a trial by jury—most cases are decided by a single judge.  Of course, the process can vary depending upon the severity of the charges.  The skilled lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC work with you every step of the way to make sure you understand what to expect and to advocate to protect your child’s future.

Understanding the Potential Penalties for a Juvenile Crimes Conviction

Judges have significant discretion in determining how to assign punishment for a juvenile crime.  

A juvenile sentence could include:

  • Supervised probation
  • Counseling
  • Drug or alcohol counseling
  • Completion of an educational program
  • Drivers’ license suspension
  • Written assignments
  • Community service
  • Detention in a juvenile facility
  • Deferred disposition, which is a type of probation during which the juvenile must complete certain requirements in order to have the charges dropped

Detention in juvenile cases is reserved for the most serious cases.  Repeat offenders will also be at higher risk of detention.  In general, the standard in determining punishment for a juvenile offender is a “best interests” standard that takes into account a number of factors—with the overall goal of doing what is in the best interests of the juvenile in light of the circumstances.  In assigning punishment, the judge will consider:

  • The nature of the offense charged
  • Any prior juvenile criminal record
  • The minor’s past behavior, in terms of educational accomplishments and participation in the community
  • Whether the juvenile has a strong family support system
  • Whether the juvenile poses a danger to the community
  • The juvenile’s general character and demeanor

At Hercules Law Group, LLC, a skilled and experienced lawyer will work to present your child’s case in the most favorable light possible.  The firm believes in taking a personal approach to our cases—meaning that your lawyer will get to know your child to get a full understanding of the circumstances leading to the allegations. 

Call Today to Speak with a Skilled Juvenile Crimes Defense Lawyer Who Will Fiercely Advocate for Your Child

If your child was taken into custody, you are likely looking for answers and wondering what will happen next.  Hercules Law Group, LLC is here to help address all of your concerns and advocate for your child every step of the way.  Juvenile cases tend to proceed quickly, so it is important that you call an experienced juvenile defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Hercules Law Group, LLC accepts all major credit cards and is committed to offering reasonable, competitive fee structures.  To learn more about how the firm can help protect your child’s legal rights and future, schedule a free initial consultation with our talented juvenile crimes defense lawyers today.  You can call or use the online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Juvenile Crimes

FAQ: What if my child is arrested for a juvenile crime but will turn 18 before the case is resolved?

Even if the minor turns 18 during the course of trial, the charges will still be treated as a juvenile offense. This is the case because the crime itself was committed while your child was a minor. Minors who commit crimes are generally only tried as adults in the most serious of cases—and you will know at the outset whether the case will proceed through the juvenile system or the adult system.

FAQ: Will my child have to go to court to resolve juvenile charges?

It depends upon the circumstances. In some cases that involve less serious offenses, alternative resolution systems may be available. It may be possible to have the charges decided by the Juvenile Conference Committee, which is a group of volunteers who will decide the case informally. The Intake Services Conference is another option, where members of the judicial staff similarly meet with your child and discuss potential resolution. A juvenile referee may also be an option and can recommend a sentence to be finalized by a judge. In all cases, it remains important to have an experienced defense lawyer by your side.