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New Jersey Homicide Defense Lawyers

Aggressive Defense Lawyers Represent Clients Accused of Homicide in Gloucester County, Camden County, and Burlington County, NJ

Conviction for murder in New Jersey can result in life in prison.  At minimum, a homicide conviction carries 30 years behind bars.  Hiring a highly trained criminal defense lawyer gives you the best chance of avoiding decades in prison.  

Homicide defense lawyer Hercules Pappas of the Hercules Law Group, LLC has the skills and experience needed to successfully defend clients in even the most complex and highly publicized murder cases.  You can rest assured that your lawyer will handle your case with compassion, treating you with the respect you deserve.

The lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC work with the foremost forensic, psychiatric and scientific experts in the business, poking holes in the prosecution’s case to give you the best possible odds of beating the charges.  The firm’s lawyers have been fighting to protect clients’ rights across New Jersey for decades.  An experienced lawyer will quickly go to work to uncover all relevant exculpatory evidence in your case.

Your first consultation at Hercules Law Group, LLC is always free.  You can call anytime and an experienced lawyer will sit down with you to discuss defense options in your case.  The firm’s lawyers are also available to travel to you if you have been incarcerated.  To schedule your free initial consultation, call the office, or use this online contact form.

Variations on New Jersey Homicide Charges

Murder and homicide are terms that are often used interchangeably.  In reality, New Jersey criminal law contains several variations on the criminal charges you might face if you are accused of causing another person’s death. 

Hercules Law Group, LLC is familiar with them all.  The firm takes a proactive approach to your defense, conducting an independent and comprehensive investigation into your case.  The goal is always to locate every possible piece of exculpatory evidence that could lead to an acquittal in your case.

You might be charged with:

  • First-degree murder.  To convict on first-degree murder charges, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant planned and intended to kill the victim.
  • Second-degree murder.  Second degree murder charges might apply when the prosecution can prove that the defendant intended to kill the victim, but did not plan or deliberate about the homicide.
  • Felony murder.  Felony murder charges can be established if the homicide occurred while the defendant was in the act of committing (or attempting to commit) another serious crime, including robbery, sex crimes, arson, kidnapping, car jacking and other violent crimes.
  • Manslaughter.  To convict on manslaughter charges, the prosecution must show that the defendant’s actions caused the victim’s death, and the defendant was reckless and disregarded the possible consequences of his or her actions.  Proving intent is not necessary to convict.

If you or a loved one are facing murder charges in New Jersey, it is critical that you speak with an experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible.  The skilled criminal defense lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC will advocate fiercely on your behalf to protect your reputation and your freedom.  

Respected Homicide Defense Lawyers Fiercely Defend Clients Accused of Murder in New Jersey

Murder cases can turn on any number of factors.  The defendant’s mental state is often a key issue that can lead to acquittal or getting the homicide charges downgraded to a lesser offense, like manslaughter.  Many homicide cases involve complex scientific evidence and witness testimony strung together by the prosecution in an attempt to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

Hercules Law Group, LLC is familiar with each and every defense strategy that could work to clear your name.  The firm’s experienced lawyers and legal team research your case exhaustively, exploring every available avenue to develop a strategic defense strategy that is individually tailored to your case.

Potential defense options that could play a role in your unique homicide defense include:

  • The defendant acted in self-defense
  • The defendant never intended to kill the victim
  • The defendant was provoked
  • The defendant’s actions did not actually cause the victim’s death—there was an intervening cause that resulted in death
  • The prosecution’s evidence was illegally obtained and should be excluded from trial
  • The prosecution’s evidence is somehow faulty—a defense that may include challenging the credibility of witnesses or the scientific reliability of physical evidence
  • The defendant’s mental state made it impossible for the prosecution to establish the requisite intent to kill
  • Innocence defenses, such as mistaken identity or alibi

Hercules Law Group, LLC knows that the stakes are high when you are facing any type of homicide charge.  An experienced lawyer will professionally analyze your defense options, paying close attention to the entirety of the evidence. 

Arrested on Murder Charges?  Speak with an Experienced Homicide Defense Lawyer Today to Protect Your Freedom

At Hercules Law Group, LLC, every client is innocent until proven guilty.  However, it is important that you understand the severity of the situation if you are facing murder charges.  An experienced homicide defense lawyer can begin intensively researching your case immediately—even if you have not yet been formally charged. 

Hercules Law Group, LLC accepts all major credit cards and is also able to work out reasonable, competitively structured payment plans to help you get through this challenging time.  You can contact the firm any time to schedule your free initial consultation, either by calling or using this online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Homicide Defense

FAQ: Is “heat of passion” really a defense to homicide charges?

The “heat of passion” defense could be used to get your charges reduced to manslaughter. To prove that you acted in the heat of passion, an experienced defense lawyer can show that (1) you were provoked by something, (2) a reasonable person would have been unable to “cool off” given the circumstances and (3) you actually were unable to cool off prior to the actions leading to the victim’s death.

FAQ: How long will I have to go to prison if convicted of homicide in New Jersey?

Potential prison sentences depend upon both:
– The specific crime charged
– The circumstances surrounding commission of the crime
Second-degree manslaughter may result in a five-to-ten year prison sentence, subject to the New Jersey No Early Release Act requirement that you serve at least 85% of your sentence before becoming eligible for parole.  First-degree murder convictions can result in 30 years to life in prison without parole.  Aggravating factors can also be used to increase the sentence upward—for example, if a police officer was injured, you may be facing a harsher penalty.