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About Hercules Pappas

Hercules Pappas is a lawyer and skilled litigator based in the area of New Jersey outside of Philadelphia. Hercules has more than two decades of experience with civil and criminal litigation, mediation, and management. He is licensed to practice in three states and numerous jurisdictions.

Hercules graduated from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania in 1993 with a degree in economics and political science. His passion for law and his interest in business combined perfectly for his aspiration to become a lawyer. The world of business law requires a strong understanding of the complicated corporate world, as well as a firm foundation of legal knowledge. Hercules is currently associated with the Camden and Burlington County Bar Associations, New Jersey State Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, Hellenic Bar Association, and Medford Returning Veteran’s Committee. 

The next step on Hercules Pappas’s career was the Widener University School of Law, which he entered in 1994. He sought his Juris Doctor and found he had a talent for litigation and legal writing. While Hercules was completing his degree, he was working at two different law firms as a Law Clerk then as an Associate Attorney. He worked for the Law Offices of Frederik L. Horn, Esq and Blumstein, Block & Pease firm where Hercules gained experience working in all areas of litigation and second chaired trials, hearings, and mediations. He worked at these firms until 1998.

He graduated with his JD in 1997 and soon had the opportunity to start a law firm with his friend, Jay Richardson. Pappas & Richardson, LLC, was founded in 1998 and grew rapidly into a successful practice. This office was open for more than a decade, practicing general litigation, criminal defense, and business law. Their work was rewarding and covered a wide array of clients, but Hercules found himself interested in other areas of law and sought to widen his professional portfolio.

In 2009, Hercules Pappas took on the role of a prosecutor in the Waterford Township. As a municipal prosecutor, he was tasked with criminal prosecution, legal research, appeals, and court appearances as necessary. Hercules handled all prosecutorial duties as necessary for this busy municipal court. This was his work for two years before he started another small practice.

The same year he began working as a prosecutor, Hercules started Pappas & Wolf LLC, a litigation and mediation practice, which he co-owned and operated. The firm specialized in business litigation, criminal defense, education law, employment law, family law, and military law. After spending three years at this firm, his personal interest in practicing law outgrew the small firm. Hercules decided to start a firm on his own, which he established in 2012.

Hercules Law Group, LLC, was established with a focus on civil litigation and criminal defense. Hercules Pappas has a skillful grasp of court policies and procedures, as well as case management techniques. His firm strives to provide the best legal services in the area.

Outside of his work in law, Hercules Pappas spends his time with his wife or children, who are just starting their own lives as young adults. He also enjoys performing his own home renovations.

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