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New Jersey Third Offense DUI/DWI Lawyers

Respected DUI/DWI Defense Lawyers Advocate for Clients Arrested on Third Offense DUI/DWI Charges in Gloucester County, Camden County, and Burlington County

Penalties for a third offense DUI/DWI are significantly harsher than first and second offenses.  If convicted on third-time DUI/DWI charges, the law considers you to be a habitual offender.  The judge has significantly less discretion to reduce the penalties you will face—and every third offense DUI/DWI conviction carries a mandatory six-month jail sentence.

Hercules Law Group, LLC has over two decades’ experience fighting to help clients beat repeat DUI/DWI charges in New Jersey.  You can trust that we have the experience, financial resources and dedication needed to build a strong, strategic defense to your charges.

If you are facing third-time DUI/DWI charges, it is understandable that you may be feeling overwhelmed and scared.  After all, your physical freedom is on the line.  To get the best results, you need the best possible defense lawyer by your side.  Experienced attorney Hercules Pappas of the Hercules Law Group, LLC takes your case seriously.  He will go to work immediately and put the full weight of his substantial experience and legal knowledge to work for you.

To learn more about how the DUI/DWI defense lawyer at Hercules Law Group, LLC can build the strongest possible defense in your case, schedule a free initial consultation today.

Severe Penalties for Third Offense DUI/DWI Conviction in New Jersey

When you’re facing third-time DUI/DWI charges, you are also facing the possibility that you might lose your job because you will have to serve 180 days in jail.  These penalties are harsh for a reason: New Jersey courts take drunk driving very seriously.  If you are convicted of a third DUI/DWI in New Jersey, the penalties can include:

  • An eight-year driver’s license suspension
  • Financial penalties of at least $1,000
  • 90 days of community service
  • 180 days in jail, which can be reduced to 90 days if you agree to serve 90 days in an inpatient drug or alcohol rehabilitation program
  • Mandatory participation for between 24 and 48 hours at the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC)
  • A $4,500 auto insurance surcharge over three years
  • The installation of an ignition interlock system at your own expense for between two and four years after your license is restored
  • Additional fines and penalties, including contributions to the Safe Neighborhood Fund ($200), court costs, IDRC costs and more
  • The cost of installing the ignition interlock system in your vehicle, which can amount to nearly $10,000 over the term of your suspension and the period that follows restoration of your license

Although the laws governing DUI/DWI penalties involving your driver’s license suspension have been slightly relaxed in recent years (the mandatory minimum license suspension period was 10 years under prior law), these penalties remain severe.  Many people rely upon their own private transportation to get to and from work—meaning that you will have to find alternative transportation while your license is suspended.

The skilled DUI/DWI defense lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC understand what you’re up against when faced with repeat offense DUI/DWI charges. The firm takes our clients’ cases seriously, putting the full weight of our substantial experience and skill into accomplishing our primary goal: getting your charges dismissed.  If that is not possible, an experienced defense lawyer will do everything possible to fight to minimize the penalties you could face.

Top-Rated Defense Lawyers Committed to Strong, Smart Defense in Third Offense DUI/DWI Cases

The experienced DUI/DWI defense lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC will build a strong defense strategy that accounts for the unique facts of your case.  While our primary goal is to have the charges dropped, we may also be able to argue that you should not be punished as a third-time offender.  This can help you avoid the mandatory six-month jail sentence that a third DUI/DWI conviction carries.

Most clients don’t realize that their prior convictions are not necessarily set in stone when it comes to repeat DUI/DWI charges.  A skilled DUI/DWI defense lawyer can reexamine the facts of your previous charges and fight to obtain post-conviction relief.  You can only be charged with a third offense DUI/DWI if you have two prior DUI/DWI convictions within the past ten years.

To obtain post-conviction relief, your lawyer can work to demonstrate that there was some problem with a prior conviction.  Maybe your lawyer overlooked a viable defense or provided a defense that was generally inadequate.  Post-conviction relief is an order from a judge stating that your prior DUI/DWI convictions cannot be used to impose jail time in the current case.

Examples of additional elements that may contribute to your defense strategy, whether with respect to the current charges or prior DUI/DWI conviction, include:

  • Lack of probable cause for the initial traffic stop
  • Problems with the Alcotest machine
  • Miranda violations
  • No reasonable suspicion to support administration of sobriety testing
  • Police evidence violations
  • Using an inaccurate method to take your BAC reading (for example, using the wrong type of machine)

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A strong and valid defense is the only way to avoid mandatory minimum incarceration for a third-offense DUI/DWI conviction.  The skilled lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC know what it takes to develop the strongest possible defense in your case. The firm has a proven track record of successfully helping clients beat third-time DUI/DWI charges.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Third Offense DUI/DWI Charges in New Jersey

FAQ: Is it possible to serve the 180 days in jail on an intermittent basis so that I can keep my job and only serve on the weekends?

No. Some confusion existed in the past over the availability of intermittent jail time for repeat DUI/DWI offenders. New Jersey courts have recently clarified that the 180 days imposed under N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 must be served consecutively. “Weekend jail” or periodic sentences are no longer an option.

FAQ: Are the penalties more severe if I get a DUI/DWI after conviction for a third DUI/DWI?

No.  The third offense DUI/DWI penalties discussed above are the maximum penalties that can be imposed for DUI/DWI charges, even if you get a fourth or fifth DUI/DWI.

FAQ: While my driver’s license is suspended, can I still drive to and from work if I’m convicted?

No. There is no exception under New Jersey law that would allow you to drive to and from work if convicted on third-time DUI/DWI charges.