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New Jersey Criminal Appeals Lawyers

Respected Criminal Appeals Lawyers Represent Clients in Gloucester County, Camden County, and Burlington County, NJ

It’s an all-too-common scenario: you thought you had hired a lawyer with the experience needed to beat your charges.  But something went wrong during the process and you were instead convicted.  If you think that something went wrong, you have the right to appeal your conviction.  An appeal is your last chance to clear your name.  To be successful, you need a lawyer who is accomplished in handling criminal appeals.

Hercules Law Group, LLC has been a trusted name in criminal defense for decades.  The firm works with lawyers who have specialized experience handling criminal appeals.  New Jersey appellate courts look for superior persuasive skills and clear identification of the relevant legal arguments to support your appeal.  Even if your original lawyer was well-qualified to handle your trial, that is no indication of qualification at the appeals level. 

Your original trial was focused on facts: evidence and witness testimony designed to support your defense.  At the appeals level, the focus shifts to analyzing the legal issues contained in the trial record.  Rather than appealing to a jury, your lawyer focuses on appealing to the judge.  Identifying the discrete issues that are likely to persuade an appellate judge to overturn a lower court decision can be challenging—and your appeals lawyer is your first line of defense. 

Hercules Law Group, LLC has the expertise and attention to detail you want in a criminal appeals lawyer.  To discuss your case with an experienced criminal appeals lawyer, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.  The firm’s lawyers can travel to you to discuss your legal rights.

Understanding Grounds for Appeal in New Jersey Courts

Not every defendant who is convicted of a crime is given the right to a second trial.  While you always have the right to move to appeal, an entirely new trial is a relatively rare outcome.  And not every mistake provides grounds for the appellate courts to grant a reversal.  It is up to your appeals lawyer to find a mistake substantial enough that it likely impacted the outcome of your trial.

Some examples of situations where the appeals court might agree to change the outcome of your case include:

  • The judge improperly excluded favorable evidence that could have supported your innocence
  • The judge refused to exclude evidence that the prosecution and police obtained illegally, such as in violation of your constitutional rights
  • The judge gave jury instructions or made statements before the jury that were improperly prejudicial to your case
  • A pre-trial motion or motion during trial was wrongly decided
  • The judge interpreted the law incorrectly
  • The laws that applied in your case were unconstitutional

Winning on appeal depends in large part upon the skill of your criminal appeals lawyer.  Because an appeal is often your last chance at clearing your name, the stakes are always high. 

The experienced criminal appeals lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC have a proven track record of successfully helping clients get their convictions overturned.  The firm is committed to getting results for clients through hard work, attention to detail and a passion for justice.  An experienced criminal appeals lawyer treats every case as a top priority—which is what you can expect from the dedicated lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC.

Superior Criminal Appeals Lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC Put Proven Persuasive Skills to Work for You

Understanding what to expect from the appeals process is important.  Hercules Law Group, LLC begins your criminal appeal by making sure all filing deadlines and procedural requirements are satisfied.  The firm will obtain all relevant documents, including the lower court trial record and documents from your trial lawyer.  An experienced lawyer will go over every detail to discover potential errors that may have impacted the outcome of your trial.

Your lawyer then carefully develops the arguments that will support your appeal.  Unlike at trial, most of this is done in writing.  The appellate brief is where the judge will first hear your arguments on appeal.  Hercules Law Group, LLC puts its proven persuasive writing skills to work in drafting the most compelling arguments possible in your case.

Considering a Criminal Appeal?  Contact an Accomplished New Jersey Criminal Appeals Lawyer Quickly to Discuss Your Options

In New Jersey, you have 45 days from the date of conviction to appeal.  Municipal Court appeals must be filed in only 20 days.  Therefore, it is critical that you contact a qualified criminal appeals lawyer who is able to move quickly to protect your rights. 

Hercules Law Group, LLC understands that choosing an appeals lawyer can be difficult.  After all, your original lawyer failed to win an acquittal.  The idea of facing more time in court can seem overwhelming.  However, many convictions are reversed on appeal with the help of a qualified criminal appeals lawyer.

Your first consultation with Hercules Law Group, LLC is always free.  To learn more about the firm and how a qualified lawyer can fight to protect your rights on appeal, call or fill out this online contact form today.

Frequently Asked Questions About the New Jersey Criminal Appeals Process

FAQ: Is it possible to get more time to decide whether to appeal?

It is sometimes possible to obtain a 30-day extension to file a Municipal Court appeal upon a showing of good cause. Generally, it is important to meet the required deadlines to preserve your right to appeal. The 45-day clock for Superior Court appeals starts running when the judgement of conviction in your case is signed and filed (usually at sentencing).

FAQ: Can I present new evidence of my innocence on appeal?

The appeals process is usually not the time to present any new evidence. In some cases, evidence that was excluded from consideration at trial may become relevant if the judge made a mistake in the original decision to exclude. Appeals are more focused on identifying what went wrong to impact the outcome of your trial.

FAQ: What if my trial lawyer made a mistake and that’s why I was convicted?

You might be eligible for something called post-conviction relief, which is commonly granted if your trial lawyer’s counsel was ineffective. You have five years to file for post-conviction relief in New Jersey. If you win a motion for post-conviction relief, the judge can order a new trial, reduce your sentence or even vacate the conviction entirely. The skilled appeals lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC can explore this option with you in more detail.