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New Jersey Credit Card Fraud Defense Lawyers

Leading Defense Lawyers Represent Clients Accused of Credit Card Fraud in Gloucester County, Camden County, and Burlington County, NJ

Credit card fraud is a serious crime.  New Jersey prosecutors are aggressive in investigating, charging and prosecuting offenders to the fullest extent of the law.  Importantly, advances in technology have made it easier for prosecutors to get the evidence they need to convict—and because so many people rely on credit cards, they are eager to do so.  If you are even under investigation for credit card fraud, it’s time to get help preparing the best possible defense.

Hercules Law Group, LLC takes your defense seriously.   The firm’s goal is to efficiently and effectively resolve your case to get the best possible result based on the circumstances. Hercules Law Group, LLC has more than two decades’ experience advocating for clients across New Jersey.  In this time, the firm has earned a reputation for providing clients with unparalleled defense.

The firm’s lawyers understand that everyone’s circumstances are different.  Maybe the prosecution falsely accused you of a crime or maybe, in a moment of desperation, you did something that could be interpreted as credit card fraud.  At Hercules Law Group, LLC, every client gets the benefit of the doubt.  The firm is committed to providing the strongest possible legal defense in every case we take on—and to protect your rights throughout the entire criminal process.

For a 100% free initial consultation, call or contact Hercules Law Group, LLC today.  An experienced New Jersey credit card fraud defense lawyer will sit down with you, listen to your side of the story and discuss options for your defense.

N.J.S.A. 2C:21-6: New Jersey Credit Card Fraud Act

The New Jersey Credit Card Fraud Act criminalizes multiple activities involving the improper or fraudulent use of a credit card.  The common element to most of these activities in a fraudulent intent—in other words, using deception in connection with a credit card.  Credit card fraud and credit card theft can be charged in a variety of circumstances.  The most common include:

  • Stealing someone else’s credit card without their consent
  • Buying or selling a credit card (from someone other than the credit card company)
  • Making false or fraudulent statements in order to secure a credit card
  • Using a counterfeit, fictitious, altered, forged, lost or stolen credit card to obtain anything of value
  • Obtaining or using a fictitious credit card with unlawful intent (whether alone, or in connection with names of credit card holders)
  • Obtaining a credit card to secure a debt
  • Unauthorized signing of a credit card
  • Using a revoked, forged or expired credit card knowingly and with the intent to defraud someone of goods or services

Each specific type of credit card fraud requires the prosecution to prove a specific set of elements.  However, it is important to understand that the prosecution is not required to prove that you obtained something of value based on the alleged actions.  Mere intent or knowledge can be sufficient to convict.

Hercules Law Group, LLC is known for being prepared to launch a strong defense based on every contingency to get results for our clients.  The firm’s lawyers want to help you get through the legal process as quickly as possible.  An experienced lawyer will take a detailed approach to building your defense and make sure you understand all available options. 

Experienced Lawyers Fight to Win Not Guilty Verdicts for Clients Accused of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is a serious felony.  Choosing the right lawyer can be key to avoiding jail time, steep monetary fines and a permanent criminal record.  Hercules Law Group, LLC has the experience, resources and reputation that you want in your corner.  Credit card fraud is usually graded as a third or fourth-degree felony offense.  Potential penalties include:

  • Fourth-degree credit card fraud: up to 18 months in jail and/or a maximum $10,000 fine
  • Third-degree credit card fraud: three to five years in jail and/or a maximum $15,000 fine

Although first offenders charged with third or fourth-degree credit card fraud are entitled to a presumption against incarceration, that does not mean that possible prison time is taken off the table.  The judge may decide that, based on the circumstances, prison is warranted. In other words, your freedom could depend on the skill of your defense lawyer.

Hercules Law Group, LLC’s team of lawyers will work to advocate for minimum jail time, exploring options like pre-trial intervention and conditional dismissal that can even lead to the charges being dropped.  The firm’s lawyers work tirelessly to develop the defense that is most likely to work in your case.  Call today to speak with a lawyer about your specific circumstances.

Contact Hercules Law Group, LLC to Discuss Your Credit Card Fraud Charges with a Talented Defense Lawyer

Even if you only suspect that you are under investigation for credit card fraud, take action today by calling an experienced defense lawyer.  Your initial consultation is free and confidential—and there’s no obligation.  Call or complete the firm’s online contact form to speak with one of the knowledgeable credit card defense lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Card Fraud Defense

FAQ: Can I be charged with credit card fraud if I received someone else’s credit card in the mail?

You can be charged with credit card fraud if the prosecution can prove that you received a credit card that was delivered by mistake. However, to convict, the prosecution must both show that (1) you knew the credit card was mistakenly delivered and (2) you intended to use, sell or otherwise transfer the credit card to someone other than the rightful owner or the credit card company. While the first element is relatively simple to establish, the second leaves room for an experienced defense lawyer to fight to have the charges dropped.

FAQ: Can I get a conviction for credit card fraud expunged?

If you have no other criminal record, you may be able to get a conviction for credit card fraud expunged. Credit card fraud is not on the list of crimes that can never be expunged from your record. New Jersey has also enacted a new law that allows most expungeable offenses to be removed from your record after 10 years have passed—regardless of whether you have additional convictions on your record. The expungement lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC can help you understand how the new laws apply in your specific case.