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Client Reviews

5 stars

This is a Great, Hard Working Attorney, You want him on your side!!!
I had a family issue that this lawyer was retained for, and not only did he take great care of my son and got him out of many troubles, but he also helped me tremendously in my case. He gives great advice and is eager to do the work most attorneys will shy away from. 100 percent honest and you get what you pay for here! No doubt he will work hard on your case and you will not be disappointed! He takes the time out with you and even accepts calls away from his office…Never met a nicer man!!!!

– Lynn
5 stars

Results-driven man of his word.
I will be 100% honest. This was my first time with a case and I was extremely nervous. However this is a man of action and positive results. I could not have hoped for a better outcome. If you are looking for someone who is going to get right down to business and provide you with the outstanding representation, then this is your attorney.

– Kevin
5 stars

One-of-a-kind Lawyer
Hercules Pappas is an extremely dedicated and trustworthy lawyer. He is not one of those lawyers that just take your money and you never hear from them until you have a hearing. Hercules is consistent with his notifications and he responds to any inquiries as well as concerns within 24 hours. He handles your case as if he were in your shoes and fights for you to have the best possible outcome. I would recommend Hercules to anyone who needs a lawyer that will give more than a hundred percent to their case.

– Ross
5 stars

Hercules is an amazing lawyer. He always gets back to you even if it is something trivial that you are panicking over, and no, he doesn’t charge you for every little thing. He is upfront about his fee and he is very fair. He knows the system, very knowledgeable, and tells you the truth. I highly recommend him if you need help. He is professional, responsive, and always gets back to you. He is not there to take advantage of you – he actually wants to help and gives you his honest advice. He has been around the block and knows how to help and what to do. If you need help, reach out to him – he is great!

– Anonymous / Google Reviewer
5 stars

… your search for counsel ends here.
My decision to continue to retain this attorney on numerous occasions has never crossed my mind. Since 2017, Mr. Pappas has not only defended my best interests, he within the bounds of good taste, and to my utmost appreciation, provided insight in times of distress that of which surpassed that of a typical attorney’s obligation. A rare, albeit great attribute, among others like timely responses and keeping you in the loop of your case, that attests to his standard of getting clients through difficult times. Understanding, compassionate, whilst a fierce contender in the litigation process from start to finish, and who you no doubt need on your side in the courtroom. Mr. Pappas excels in explaining your pros/cons, where/how they’ll affect you in the court of law, and most importantly, the possible and/or most realistic outcomes or consequences. I have retained him on numerous cases and have yet to be let down. I always say that you need to be able to tell your attorney every last detail of your case to the best of your ability, as there is no other way to provide an appropriate, rather best defense. A big problem with most attorneys is that because they are often hired without much thought, or the clients not having known them beforehand, is that most clients choose to not be completely honest in terms of guilt, for fear of judgment. With Hercules, that worry is nonexistent. Without a doubt, this attorney will provide you the best defense one could hope for.

– Victor