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“Hercules Pappas is an extremely dedicated and trustworthy lawyer. He is not one of those lawyers that just takes your money and you never hear from until you have a hearing. Hercules is consistent with his notifications and he responds to any inquiries as well as concerns within 24 hours. He handles your case as if he were in your shoes and fights for you to have the best possible outcome. I would recommend Hercules to anyone who needs a lawyer that will give more than a hundred percent to their case.”



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New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

Top-Rated Lawyers Zealously Defend Clients’ Rights in Gloucester County, Camden County, and Burlington County, NJ

Selecting the right lawyer to protect your rights can be one of the most important choices you ever make.  Experience, dedication and outright talent are all key factors in making the right choice.  Not all lawyers are created equally despite what their advertising materials might tell you.

While some lawyers focus on awards and accolades, Hercules Pappas of Hercules Law Group, LLC is focused on winning not guilty verdicts.  The firm goes the extra mile to get your charges reduced or dismissed if at all possible—and is always prepared to fight for your rights at trial.  The firm’s most important qualifications are a proven track record of success and the trail of satisfied clients who have put their challenges in the past because of their lawyer’s skill and commitment to their case.

When you choose Hercules Law Group, LLC, you can expect one-on-one attention from a leading lawyer through every step of the legal process.  Your case is always given the full attention it deserves to get the best results when it matters the most.  The firm has over 20 years’ experience and is known for getting results when it counts. 

If you have been arrested on criminal charges or have questions about your legal rights, call the experienced lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC.  Putting your case into the hands of a serious lawyer is the best way to get your life back on track.  The firm is here to help.  Your initial consultation is always free.  You can expect to sit down with an experienced lawyer who respects your situation and will offer honest, straightforward advice about your options.

Custom-Tailored Criminal Defense from a Lawyer with Real Life Trial Experience

No two cases are ever exactly alike.  Even if the charges are identical, the relevant evidence and defendant’s circumstances are always entirely different from the last case.  Hercules Law Group, LLC has fought on behalf of countless clients facing serious criminal charges.  Despite this, starting from the beginning is always key to the firm’s success.

Hercules Law Group, LLC knows how to skillfully negotiate on your behalf before heading to trial.  In fact, once the firm gets involved and investigates your case, charges can often be dismissed through behind-the-scenes negotiations with the prosecution.


Gun Possession Case

Not Guilty



First Degree Robbery

The firm believes that preparation is key, however, and never relies upon the possibility of a dismissal or reaching a plea bargain or quick settlement.  An experienced lawyer will always prepare to argue your case at trial.  This gives Hercules Law Group, LLC an edge—and it works to your advantage because you will never feel rushed into accepting a plea bargain or lowball settlement.

Hercules Law Group, LLC Practice Areas

Hercules Law Group, LLC is experienced in a diverse range of practice areas because of the firm’s substantial experience.   While the criminal justice system may be difficult for some to navigate, the firm is immersed in the system each and every day.  Hercules Law Group, LLC’s New Jersey practice areas include:

Even if your original case has concluded, Hercules Law Group, LLC can step in, fighting to protect your rights through the appeals process or in gaining an expungement of an existing criminal record.  Whether you are a first-time offender or have a criminal history, the skilled lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC will put 20-plus years’ experience into our fight to get the best outcome for you.        

When Faced with Overwhelming Challenges, the Fearless Lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC are Here to Help

When a client calls a lawyer, they are almost always facing some type of overwhelming challenge.  Whether your freedom or finances are at stake, the experienced lawyers at Hercules Law Group, LLC will fight to help you put your challenges in the past.  Getting to know clients is key to offering the personalized legal advocacy that will always offer the greatest chances of success. 

Selecting Hercules Law Group, LLC to protect your rights will give you the peace of mind that the following are true:

Hercules Law Group, LLC aims to be the best by providing the best legal advocacy possible.  Your problems become the firm’s problems when you select Hercules Law Group, LLC to fight for your rights.  Start with a 100% free, no obligation consultation with an experienced New Jersey lawyer to see how real-world legal experience can help improve the results of your case.

Leading New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers Offer Every Client a Free Case Review—Call Today to Start Protecting Your Legal Rights

It is never too early to learn how to protect your legal rights.  Hercules Law Group, LLC provides the highest level of legal services for clients across New Jersey.  The firm knows how the prosecution operates and will work tirelessly to build a defense specifically designed to poke holes in their case. 

To get help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer with a passion for client advocacy, you can call the firm or fill out this online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.  Remember, both your initial consultation and ongoing communications with your lawyer are 100% confidential.  Hercules Law Group, LLC serves clients in Gloucester County, Camden County, Burlington County and across New Jersey.